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Re: why linux?

On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 02:57:09AM -0400, S C wrote:
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> For months now I have been trying to make Debian behave like a real 
> OS. However, I still cannot print, 

Is your computer dual-boot? Can you still print from Windows or another 
operating system?

Which version of Debian are you currently using? 

Which model of printer do you have? 

What word processor or other application are you hoping to print from? 

What have you tried to do so far to resolve the problem?

> format/initialize a new cd or use one to back up files

	aptitude install k3b

may help here. That should provide a drag and drop environment for 
making CDs and DVDs which is fairly straightforward. It acts as a 
GUI front end to various command line programs so the list of other 
programs installed is quite large.

> get the sound working

Which model of computer do you have / what sound card? 

What does 


report? lsmod >> foo will give you a file foo which you can then
post to the list as part of a response.

Which applications are you trying to use?

Do you get beeps and other PC speaker sounds but no audio from 

Is your user in group audio?

	groups <username>

may help here.

> watch a movie

If you need to watch encrypted DVDs you will possibly need libdvdcss or 
an equivalent library. Debian does not ship this library by default: if 
you go to Christian Marillat's site at debian-multimedia [Google for it 
if necessary], you should find what you need.

> or read images from my digital camera.

Which model? 

Which applications have you tried? 

If the camera is not recognised directly but saves to removable media - 
have you tried using a card reader to read the removable media?

> With Windows all this was simple.  I downloaded the relevant program, 
> set it up and it worked.  Windows is supposed to be devilspawn and 
> doomed, and maybe it is.  It does, however, have one saving grace; it 
> works.  It works without expecting me to become a systems engineer.

When it works, it works well. When you don't have the drivers ready and
to hand or don't have fast internet access it is a nightmare :)

> When I go to someplace like freenode/#debian I am ignored.

It may depend on what you are asking and how you come across. 
Text only communication is hard :(
> Maybe I should say to Hell with Linux and sell my story to Microsoft.

This depends. If installing Debian is absolutely your first experience 
with Linux/UNIX or another operating system besides Windows, then maybe
Debian is too hard for you at the moment and you may want to come back 
to Debian after learning more of the basics. You might want to consider 
Mepis/Freespire/Ubuntu, all of which are more limited in their own ways 
but are possibly more tailored to a straightforward install. Given that 
you have Debian installed, you may want to grit your teeth and carry on, 
problem solving as you go and continuing to learn until you have the system 
that is right for you and for your needs.

> Obviously I don't really want to, but how much longer should I put up 
with a partial OS?  I don't mind telling you I'm damned sick of it. 

This is your choice. This list is here to help new users and experienced 
users alike.

All the best,


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