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reconfiguring grub to see windows partition etc....

Dear Debianists,

I am using a machine at work that has an AMD Duron 1200 MHz i386 chip in it and two hard disks. The master is a 40GB drive and the secondary one is a 20GB drive.

Debian Etch r0 i386 lives on the 40GB drive.

I used to have Fedora Core 6 on the 20 GB drive but now I wiped it off using the debian installer partitioning software.....

After a lot of farting around I managed to install Windows 98 on the smaller 20GB drive.
I need it to run certain software I can't easily run in Linux.

I had to disconnect the master 40GB drive to get windows to think the slave drive was the primary drive.... It then installed.

I have been booting the Debian on the master disk with a boot floppy with grub on it. This works fine.

But it doesn't see the Windows and so I can't boot it now after I have reconnected the master hard drive....

I can only boot Debian.

How do I reconfigure the grub to see the windows 98 partition and allow me the option of booting it without having to reinstall the entire Debian OS on the big disk?

I think I could also do better to drop using the floppy and just have the machine boot with grub from the hard disk itself and then give me the option of firing up either Debian or Windows 98...

Your suggestions on achieving this would be appreciated.

I have discovered that Windows can be tough to install relative to most Linux distributions.


Michael Fothergill

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