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Re: why linux?

On Mon, 21 May 2007 02:57:09 -0400 (EDT)
S C <ojieurojsc@yahoo.ca> wrote:

> For months now I have been trying to make Debian behave like a real
> OS.  However, I still cannot print, format/initialize a new cd or use
> one to back up files, get the sound working, watch a movie or read
> images from my digital camera.  With Windows all this was simple.

With Debian all of that is simple too, but different.

>  I
> downloaded the relevant program, set it up and it worked.  

You will find software which does all of the above in the Debian
repositories, if you know where to look. Usually it is not necessary to
download software from elsewhere.

> Windows is
> supposed to be devilspawn and doomed, and maybe it is.  It does,
> however, have one saving grace; it works.  It works without expecting
> me to become a systems engineer.

Debian is advanced OS, but one which requires the administrator to make
informed decisions. Before you abandon Linux for good, consider trying a
more newbie-friendly version like Ubuntu. Ubuntu presents a subset of
Debian software, configured in such a way that most newcomers get up and
running in no time.

> When I go to someplace like freenode/#debian I am ignored.  Maybe I
> should say to Hell with Linux and sell my story to Microsoft.
> Obviously I don't really want to, but how much longer should I put up
> with a partial OS?  I don't mind telling you I'm damned sick of it. 

If your attitude on freenode is anything like that suggested by the
previous paragraph, then I am not surprised that you are ignored. Put
it behind you, try an Ubuntu live CD, and move on.



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