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Re: [OT] Postfix - STARTTLS problem: 454 4.3.0 TLS not available due to local problem

On 5/17/07, Mihira Fernando <mihiratheace@gmail.com> wrote:

did you install :
# libsasl2 (the Cyrus SASL library)
# libsasl2-modules (the mechanisms for the SASL library)
# libsasl2-modules-sql

Yes I have these installed. Except that the sql one I didn't have but
installed just now. Still same problem. What is that sql lib needed

comment this out for the moment. you can re enable it once everything is
working as expected.

How would I know it is working without these lines uncommented?

Also show logs of the reported error.

I could see only these lines containing TLS in the mail.log:

May 17 13:00:39 debiansite postfix/smtpd[4892]: warning: TLS library
problem: 4892:error:140B0009:SSL
routines:SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file:PEM lib:ssl_rsa.c:669:
May 17 13:00:39 debian postfix/smtpd[4892]: cannot load RSA
certificate and key data
May 17 13:00:39 debian postfix/smtpd[4892]: connect from localhost[]

Please don't Cc: me, I'm subscribed to the list as well :)

Well, when I click reply sometimes gmail automatically puts in the top
field, the reciepient's address and at other times it puts the list
address so I think may be the recipeint wants a separate reply too.
That is why I sent a reply to you too.


Please don't Cc: me, I'm subscribed to the list.

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