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Re: Network connections breaking after bootup

On 05/14/2007 12:45 PM, Tim Johnson wrote:
 I'm going to try to attach a dump of ps -aux as ps.txt
I don't know if the list will allow the attachment, but we'll see. It will be easier to read than if pasted into kmail, I think.
trying attachment.....

I suggest that you dedicate a runlevel, say 3, to debugging this problem. For RL (runlevel) 3, disable as many services as possible--making it almost the same as RL 1; then re-enable only those services that get you basic network connectivity. Note the configuration.

Then re-enable more services until network connectivity is broken again. The last service that you enabled will probably be the culprit.

I didn't see you say specifically whether or not you installed the beta version of Etch. Certainly if you still have the beta Etch, it's a good idea to update; I know, it's a catch-22 with the network down, but sneakernet (walking CD-ROMs from one machine to another) is an option. You could be facing a bug in the beta that has been fixed in the release version of Etch.

Back in RL 2, see if you can get the output from "route -n" before the connectivity is broken; after connectivity is broken, do another "route -n" and capture the output; post both output files here.

BTW, the "script" command is great for recording all text data from a terminal session.

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