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Re: octave-forge usage?

On Fri, 04 May 2007 10:29:32 +0900
Miles Bader <miles@gnu.org> wrote:

> Hi, thanks for the response, but I think I'm asking a slightly
> different question than you answered.
> I know how to use octave generally, but I want to use some of the
> specialized functions which are distributed in the "octave-forge"
> package in debian (actually "octave2.9-forge" I think).
> When that package is installed, it puts all those functions in various
> subdirectories of "/usr/share/octave/site/api-v22/m/octave2.9-forge/",
> e.g., the "imread" function is in
> "/usr/share/octave/site/api-v22/m/octave2.9-forge/image/imread.m".
> What I don't understand is how one is generally supposed to tell
> octave to load those files, so one can use the associated functions.
> I _could_ just load the file manually by doing:
>    source("/usr/share/octave/site/api-v22/m/octave2.9-forge/image/imread.m")
> but that seems rather clumsy, and it looks like there's supposed to
> be a more elegant and user-friendly mechanism via the octave "pkg"
> function. Unfortunately, I can't get the "pkg" function to actually
> do anything useful; I don't know if it's my misunderstanding or
> whether there's something broken.
> Thanks,
> -Miles

Octave should look for installed .m files everytime it starts. If
somehow it still doesn't detect your files, a simple workaround may be
creating a ~/.octaverc file with the following content:



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