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Re: octave-forge usage?

Miles Bader wrote:
How exactly does one _use_ octave-forge, once it's installed?

I run octave, and ... then what?  How do I make it define the functions
in octave forge so I can use them?

[I see there's a "pkg" command, but none of its subcommands seem to do
anything useful -- e.g. "pkg list" shows nothing, and "pkg install" is
apparently intended for downloaded tar-balls.]




There is very little usage documentation for Octave.

However, the syntax, commands and other word usage appear to be the same as Matlab. You can find lots of Matlab tutorials and user manuals on the Internet. If you have a problem, please get back to me. Also, if you are interested there is another package (non Debian) that is also compatible with Matlab. All these packages make use of so called "m" files. Octave and Maxima (available on Debian) can work together just as Maple and Matlab work together. Octave works only with MATRICES and is very powerful for solving simultaneous equations and is the favored choice over Maxima for that purpose. However, Maxima can also work with MATRICES. I am not sure at this time how to use Maxima and Octave in an integrated way. Again, take a look at the Matlab documentation while running Octave and you should be okay except for a few exceptions.


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