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Re: Lost Internet Access

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 10:17:48PM -0400, Jan Sneep wrote:
> Well I figured it out after having tried to re-install Etch 5 times ....
> In the end it had nothing to do with poor old, much maligned Etch ... and
> >

At Some point, I wrote:
> > So, I recommend you stop reinstalling the system and let the folks
> > here help you. Everytime you reinstall the system you are changing
> > stuff which makes it harder for these guys to help.
> I would have thought that a clean install would have put EVERYTHING right
> back to "square one" ... :O)

yes, but that means we can't figure out what you changed so that we
can all learn from it. of course this is all moot as the problem was
unrelated, but I think you get my point. if we're on the verge of
figuring it out, or even just have suspicions, a re-install removes
the possibility of testing that idea. meh.

> I use a second DSL router with the DHCP turned off as a way of extending the
> network access.


> But as usual ONCE you know what the real problem is and have it fix you
> think why the heck didn't I think of that sooner ... oh well more experience
> under the belt ... :O)

indeed. happy debianing and let us know when you're ready to fix all
the rest of those boxes... you know, by removing XP ;)


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