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Re: ssh-keygen

Sudev Barar wrote:
> On 03/05/07, KS <lists04@fastmail.fm> wrote:
>> Allan Wind wrote:
>> > On 2007-05-02T23:10:07-0400, KS wrote:
>> >> However, ssh-keygen gives me the exact same output if I try to do it
>> >> again even though the host does not exist in the file (same output
>> with
>> >> -v flag). Shouldn't it give a more informative output like: host entry
>> >> not found in known_hosts file? Or am I missing something.
> Should you not be removing the old host info from know_hosts file?
> Typically the ssh failure out put contains either host name or line
> number that failed where ever host side changes occur.

That is what I did, although not with a text editor. I have a hashed
version of known_hosts file and unlike the non-hashed file, couldn't
find the line to remove. The warning contained something that might be
line number to *change* but I wasn't sure. That was why I was trying to
find a way to do it "automatically" (ssh-keygen) than firing up vi and
removing the line.

The warning had following in it, is the :3 in the end the line number?

Add correct host key in /home/foobar/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this
Offending key in /home/foobar/.ssh/known_hosts:3

PS: please reply to list, I'm subscribed to it.

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