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Re: Lost Internet Access

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 09:03:47AM -0400, Jan Sneep wrote:
> I said I'd tell you what I discovered ... well I've discovered one can't
> take short cuts in doing an OS Install ... :O(

ummm... yes you can ;)

> Tried to leave the \home folder alone and just over write the \ folders as I

this is totally do-able and should not cause you any problems. You
will have to modify the /etc/fstab after the install to make the /home
get mounted properly.


> and using PING I found I still had the same problem as before, internal
> addresses are OK, but external ones are a no-go ... :O(
> So I'll remove the partitions and format the drives and start all over again
> ...

so, I know this is tough one for a lot of people, but re-installing
debian is a last resort thing. You can recover from pretty much any
disastrous state without reinstalling. 

Networking is pretty core to linux and if you're having network
problems, it is likely *NOT* an issue that needs reinstalling. And in
fact, often times its not an issue with the linux box, but somewhere

So, I recommend you stop reinstalling the system and let the folks
here help you. Everytime you reinstall the system you are changing
stuff which makes it harder for these guys to help. 

So. you can ping other boxes on the network, but not outside the net?
right? can you ping your router/gateway? can you see the router's
config page from a browser on the debian machine? 

what is the address of the router/gateway. please provide output of
ifconfig (the whole thing, not just eth0) and again, since you've
reinstalled, the output of route -n.


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