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Re: ibm T40 and xorg.conf

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 08:56:56AM -0400, Matthew K Poer wrote:

> If aptitude -f doesn't figure things out, try editing the potentially corrupt 
> CD-ROM out of your sources.list, and just use a Internet mirror. Then run 

I used the cd from the Linux Bible.

> apt-get install --reinstall PACKAGES.

by PACKAGES, I assume you mean xserver-xorg.

> Once you have them 100% for sure installed correctly, run dpkg-reconfigure 
> xserver-xorg and see where that leaves.

Still no joy.

Is there any way I can run something like:

apt-get install --reinstall -all-packages-for-a-default-installation ?

I suspect that I am dealing here with a partially installed system.



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