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Re: Bookmarks across browsers

On Tuesday 01 May 2007 16:13, KS wrote:
> Amy Templeton wrote:
> > KS wrote:
> >> Can't there be a common place for bookmarks which all
> >> browsers could read? Something like an XML file maybe? ...
> >> Or should there be a WWW-standard for such a simple but
> >> important feature?
> >
> > Well, one thing you could do would be to find the bookmarks
> > file for your browser. For example, my Firefox bookmarks can
> > be found at
> >
> > ~/.mozilla/firefox/random-default-user-string.default/bookmarks.html
> >
> > Similarly, my w3m bookmarks are at ~/.w3m/bookmark.html.
> >
> > Anyway, it could be risky trying to overwrite other
> > browsers' bookmark files with links to a single one (in case
> > they use a specific format), but one strategy you might use
> > could be to bookmark another browser's bookmark file,
> > letting you access it from that browser. Just a thought. Or,
> > if examining the bookmark files leads you to believe that
> > you could safely use the same file without confusing the
> > browser, you could maybe just symlink it (but again, be
> > careful).
> Yup, I thought about linking other browser's bookmarks but was stumped
> at the very first try. I tried opening Konqueror's bookmarks which are
> in an xml file (XBEL format?) and Iceweasel complains about the absence
> of style information with the xml file!!
> Oh, and Iceweasel's import wizard (probably because it is aimed at
> Windoze users) does not offer to import Konqueror's bookmarks either.
> /KS
Konqueror can actually Import for IceWeasel and Galeon and such, but uses a 
differant format to store them. Galeon and Epiphany use the same format, but 
It cannot export to anything else, or read anything else. I am not sure how 
Opera handles things, but I would wager it is differant from everyone else as 

So there may be a few options:
 1. Create a script (C, python, w/e) that can read each browsers' bookmark 
file, compare them, and synchronize them every time you exit a browser. This 
could prove hazardous if you are running the browser at the time it runs.
 2. Create a Java applet that keeps bookmarks, and bookmark it on 
your 'personal toolbar' on all the browsers. Just keep it on your local 
machine. I don't think you would even need a web server, just an HTML with 
the applet embedded in it. The applet could get somewhat bloated, though, if 
there are a large number of bookmarks in it, and because it is Java. Using 
Java over a PHP script, however, will keep you from having to run a web 
server. It would have the del.ici.us functionality while remaining local.

(Just brainstorming)
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