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Re: Bookmarks across browsers

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 02:59:12PM -0400, Amy Templeton wrote:
> KS wrote:
> > Can't there be a common place for bookmarks which all
> > browsers could read? Something like an XML file maybe? ...
> > Or should there be a WWW-standard for such a simple but
> > important feature?
> Well, one thing you could do would be to find the bookmarks
> file for your browser. For example, my Firefox bookmarks can
> be found at 
> ~/.mozilla/firefox/random-default-user-string.default/bookmarks.html
> Similarly, my w3m bookmarks are at ~/.w3m/bookmark.html.
> Anyway, it could be risky trying to overwrite other
> browsers' bookmark files with links to a single one (in case
> they use a specific format), but one strategy you might use
> could be to bookmark another browser's bookmark file,
> letting you access it from that browser. Just a thought. Or,
> if examining the bookmark files leads you to believe that
> you could safely use the same file without confusing the
> browser, you could maybe just symlink it (but again, be
> careful).
> So yeah, just a thought.

I just have a wiki page that i update with all my book marks, then I can access
it from where ever and with what ever browser. takes a bit longer to add a
link, but 

> Amy
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