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Re: Bookmarks across browsers

KS wrote:
> Can't there be a common place for bookmarks which all
> browsers could read? Something like an XML file maybe? ...
> Or should there be a WWW-standard for such a simple but
> important feature?

Well, one thing you could do would be to find the bookmarks
file for your browser. For example, my Firefox bookmarks can
be found at 


Similarly, my w3m bookmarks are at ~/.w3m/bookmark.html.

Anyway, it could be risky trying to overwrite other
browsers' bookmark files with links to a single one (in case
they use a specific format), but one strategy you might use
could be to bookmark another browser's bookmark file,
letting you access it from that browser. Just a thought. Or,
if examining the bookmark files leads you to believe that
you could safely use the same file without confusing the
browser, you could maybe just symlink it (but again, be

So yeah, just a thought.


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