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Bookmarks across browsers

Hi all,

I was wondering how to keep my set of bookmarks available across all the
www-browsers I have on my system. I use Iceweasel primarily but since a
few months my Konqueror usage has also increased. Other browsers that I
use are Opera, and Epiphany and once in a blue moon Galeon.

What do other users do with their bookmarks when using a different
browser (on the same machine)? Iceweasel (Firefox) offers to import
bookmarks when a new profile is created and the import can be done
manually any time too. However, that is a one time process and also ends
up with one folder called "Imported Bookmarks" or similar.

Can't there be a common place for bookmarks which all browsers could
read? Something like an XML file maybe? ... Or should there be a
WWW-standard for such a simple but important feature?

Online services like the one which tastes good ;0) delicious, is
*online* and not on my hard disk. They work OK, but is not a local
solution that I like.

Inputs? Advice?
PS: please reply to list, I get all debian-user mail.

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