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Re: Bookmarks across browsers

On Tue, 01 May 2007 14:41:34 -0400
KS <lists04@fastmail.fm> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wondering how to keep my set of bookmarks available across all the
> www-browsers I have on my system. I use Iceweasel primarily but since a
> few months my Konqueror usage has also increased. Other browsers that I
> use are Opera, and Epiphany and once in a blue moon Galeon.
> What do other users do with their bookmarks when using a different
> browser (on the same machine)? Iceweasel (Firefox) offers to import
> bookmarks when a new profile is created and the import can be done
> manually any time too. However, that is a one time process and also ends
> up with one folder called "Imported Bookmarks" or similar.
> Can't there be a common place for bookmarks which all browsers could
> read? Something like an XML file maybe? ... Or should there be a
> WWW-standard for such a simple but important feature?
> Online services like the one which tastes good ;0) delicious, is
> *online* and not on my hard disk. They work OK, but is not a local
> solution that I like.
> Inputs? Advice?
> Thanks,
> /KS

I use mainly a single browser, but I've been curious about the
analogous issue for email clients; how can I share an address book
between different clients? Sylpheed and Claws both use an XML address
book, but is it exactly the same? If so, is it guaranteed to remain so
in the future (obviously not, I'd think)? I don't mean to hijack your
thread, but I just wanted to point out that I have the identical issue
with mail clients.

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