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Re: TLS and SMTP auth problem

Hi Roberto,
Roberto C. Sánchez schrieb:
On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 11:59:18PM +0200, Andreas Krummrich wrote:

I'm running the following mailserver setup:
I'm running a Debian woody server at home with postfix, which relays all mail over to my external Debian sarge root server, running qmail. Now I want to use smtp auth and tls.
This is how my qmail server answers to telnet localhost 25

If they are both on the same network and you have control over both
machines, just have the relay machine trust the other machine.  In
postfix this can be done with the mynetworks option.  I am not sure what
the qmail equivalent is.
No, the machines are not in the same network. The postfix machine is localed at home in my private net with a dynamic ip, connecting to the internet and the qmail server is a root server with an official ip.
I thin TLS would be the better solution in this scenario.
The only time this might not be a good idea is if you run some sort of
open WAP or have random people connecting to your network.


Kind Regard,

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