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Re: Lost Internet Access

On 5/1/07, Jan Sneep <jan@azureservices.ca> wrote:

I've lost Internet access from the machine running Debian. I can
successfully PING other computers on the LAN and can successfully PING the
gateway router and can transfer files back and forth between machines. All
the other machines can successfully access Internet websites, but just can't
get there using either Epiphany or Iceweasel.

How are they successfully accessing Internet websites if not through
Epiphany or Iceweasel?  Do you mean that other browsers work?

Haven't changed any settings on the router. The only thing I can think of is
we had a sudden power outage yesterday, But I don't think either of the
browsers were open at the time and everything appears to startup without any
error messages.

Any suggestions on what I can try?

If your local network is working but machines cannot connect to
outside sites, it's probable that your default gateway is configured
incorrectly.  Show us the output of the 'route' command.  If that
doesn't help, using wireshark to capture network traffic while your
browser attempts to connect to some website should help.

By the way is there an equivalent command to the Windows IPCONFIG for
releasing and renewing IP addresses with the DHCP server?

Hm.. dhclient?

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