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to lvm or not to lvm?


After installing fresh Etch with encrypted lvm (all except /boot), per
non-expert install, I am reconsidering whether lvm is a good idea. It
works fine - now - but what if it stops working? 

The only partition that seems to be accessible from a sarge system on
the same machine is the /boot partition.  If Etch decides to misbehave,
how would I be able to access my data?  Or is this a case of "you do
back up your data every day, don't you?"

I really do like the ability to resize my partitions as needed (the
layout that seemed fine upon install can really look stupid 6 months
later).  But not at the price of my data.  

And does encryption of lvm partitions unnecessarily complicate matters,
especially recovery? Would just an encrypted swap partition only be

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