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Re: How to Choose dependencies using apt-get/aptitude

Þann 2007-04-20, 19:40:40 (+0530) skrifaði Santanu Chatterjee:
> Hi Everybody,
> I was trying to install mediawiki1.7 using aptitude. This
> package has 'apache | httpd' as one of its dependencies.
> I don't want to install apache. lighttpd seems to provide
> httpd. So I installed that.
> Now, when I tried to install mediawiki1.7, it still tries to
> install apache although I already have httpd (lighttpd).
> Could you tell me how do I prevent this from happening?

I dont use aptitude so I am not sure of how to do this but from the
man page it seems that aptitude hold apache and then aptitude install
mediawiki1.7 should do the trick.



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