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Re: mixing syanptic and aptitude

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Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> Celejar wrote:
>> It's more powerful and can do anything that apt-get can
> What are the aptitude equivalents of 
> sudo apt-get build-dep texmacs
> apt-get source grep

Good question.

>> , and in my experience, Synaptic's 
>> GUI doesn't add much value, and you can use aptitude in interactive
>> mode.
> I like synaptic's GUI much better than aptitude's ncurses interface. If I
> want to see all the packages whose names start with vim, In synaptic all I
> do is type vim. I could not find a simple way of doing this in aptitude.
> For me, the default menu structure is too cumbersome to traverse. I am not
> trying to berate aptitude here, just highlighting some of my
> inconveniences.

I think the best solution is for someone to make a gui front end for
Aptitiude instead of apt-get.  I won't be trying something like that,
it's just an idea.

Just remember though, upgrading X packages while running X is just
asking for troubles.  That's probably why so many of the tools are text
based.  I am super paranoid about it since it bit me before.  I always
make sure X isn't running when I upgrade anything.

It makes me use the console more, which is only a good thing.  Typing:
vi file.txt

is faster than opening a file manager and navigating to it then right
clicking on it and saying edit.

Roberto is right, and with bash autocompletion, it is really a snap.


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