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Re: mixing syanptic and aptitude

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Atis wrote:
>> You can use both, but you will confuse aptitude in the process.
>> Aptitude keeps a database so that it knows which packages it pulled in
>> as dependencies so it can remove them when you remove a package (so long
>> as no other package is using them).  If you pull things in with any
>> other package manager, be it apt-get, synaptic, adept, gdebi or
>> kpackage, aptitude will not know about the dependencies that those
>> package managers installed and could present problems the next time you
>> use aptitude because it may remove things that other programs need.
>> To sum it up, the best advice is to use aptitude exclusively if you plan
>> on using it at all.
> Isn't it the way around? That aptitude keeps track of packages that
> are installed automatically, as dependencies, and if you uninstall
> something, it checks if those dependencies can be removed? Logically
> thinking, it would be that.
> I use synaptics together with aptitude and haven't had any problems with
> that.

Then luck has been with you.


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