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Re: Blog clients and the new Blogger Atom API

Celejar wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use various blog posting clients with a new Blogger blog.
> I've tried BloGTK and Drivel, and they have ca't connect to Blogger. A
> little (a lot) of Googling shows me that the new API has broken old
> clients, but I'm unable to figure out if there's a workaround, or an
> alternative solution. Is anyone using a linux client successfully with
> the new Blogger? Is there another free blog hosting site you'd
> recommend? (I may try Wordpress.com.)
> Celejar
Blogger Beta, or Blogger 2, or whatever it is called now, drastically
changed the API. They moved from static to database-driven posting,
changed the template system, etc. The change even broke Google's own
Picasa's "Post Photos to Blog" functionality. If there is a debian
packaged-client for Blogger, it sure won't be in stable.

But then, Blogger isn't OSS anyway. Wordpress is. I recommend it
completely over anything else out there. You can use wordpress.com, or
get a free web host and do it yourself (recommended). Installation is
almost 100% automatic from the wordpress-version#.tar.gz file. And
actually, it should be able to import your blogger posts, or typepad,
or whatever you may have used before.

I like WP. I feel compelled to share my WP Love banner:

Matthew K Poer

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