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new features in gnome - better webdav support? (was: Re: "I do consider ...)

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 05:37:00PM -0700, Michael M. wrote:
Personally, I'm getting a little
frustrated being stuck on Gnome 2.14 when 2.18 has been released.  Etch
is two Gnome releases behind already, and Etch itself hasn't even been

Out of curiousity, what features are in 2.18 that are not in 2.14 that
you absolutely cannot live without?  What about that you just consider
nice to have?



Since you mentioned this, let me pitch in with a few comments.

In our university most of the student related stuff, e.g. assignments, solutions, grades, etc., is on WebCT. I know that Winodws users can access their WebCT folders just like another folder in the OS by pointing to the URL of that folder.

For the life of me, I couldn't get it to work in Gnome even though Gnome claims to have built in support for webdav folders. I have tried this in on Debian Etch, Ubuntu Dapper and Ubuntu Edgy (all fully updated). However, the same thing has worked flawlessly in KDE on these systems. Now, as far as I understand this, Gnome people can have a look see at KDE's code to see what it does to access a WebCT folder (webdav filesystem, I guess it is called) and see what is going wrong in their code. However, my posts in various newsgroups haven't really gained me a solution, I think I even posted in gnome people's m-l as well (cannot be sure though).

So I just try it out in Gnome once every month or so in the hope that this problem has been solved. So far, no luck. If the new version solves it, it will be great.

Interestingly though, I was a Gnome user. Due to the above problem, I started using KDE temporarily. And I have started to actually like it. KDE has some very cool applications, k3b being one of them (nautilus CD burner seems too dumbed down for my purpose), and quanta being another.


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