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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:52:14 -0400
Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net> wrote:

> On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 23:23 -0400, Celejar wrote:
> > *Poof*. I'm really disillusioned about you, Michelle. OTOH, being
> > reminded that highly technically adept people can still have lunatic
> > political beliefs is reassuring; whenever I feel insecure about my
> > conservative opinions due to the masses of staunch liberals who are
> > experts in their fields, I just remember that expertise often doesn't
> > carry over to areas outside of one's core competence.
> I can sew and knit!
> But Generalists in many things can do more than Specialists can in even
> the core Specialty. I for one have shown many a "Specialist" faster and
> easier ways to do things in their own specialty that they never even
> thought to look for or do. Mainly I see things from a "System
> Perspective", it is a curse for long term employment.
> Many times it is frustrating to see Specialist requiring a HUGE amounts
> of "special cases" when if they used the resources already available to
> do the job things would be more compatible on updates and upgrades. More
> like, they want a "Special Hand Made Long Handle 24oz Tuned Framing
> Hammer" for doing general hammering, when a 20oz All steel claw hammer
> with a molded rubber handle cover is available and does a better job for
> trim and general nailing work.
> It is more a forest and trees things. Well, seeing a field of pine
> needles in spite of the pine trees making a forest.

I think it was Heinlin who said "specialization is for insects".


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