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Re: A Republican!!!!!! (was Re: OT: sponge burning!)

Paul Johnson wrote:
> You won't know until you go to the transit planning meetings and ask.

    I don't have to go to the transit planning meetings to know what is and
is not possible based simply on the distance invovled and how public
transportation operates.

> Most people are not suicidal and would rather not dodge Californian drivers
> while lane splitting,

    Uh, nice generalization there.  I only *legally* lane-splitted when
speeds dropped below 30mph.

> either, and unless you're on a motorcycle, LA's
> average freeway speed over the entire county on any given 24 hour period is
> 14 MPH.

    Amazingly enough motorcycles are considered HOV and can get into the
diamond lane.  Nice smooth sailing at over 65mph, no lane splitting and
unlike a bus, no stopping.

> Given traffic doesn't move faster than what you say public transit
> does anyway, why not throw a lot more high capacity vehicles in the mix to
> pick up people while they're stuck stopped in traffic anyway?

    Given that you're making that stat up.  I lived for 3 years in the LA
metro area and know how often I was going less than 14mph, practically
never.  Even when I took my /car/ to work and didn't have access to the
diamond lane I didn't take much longer than with the bike.  On those
days I attributed it more to the rain than the volume of traffic.

Steve Lamb

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