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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Stephen wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 07:29:24AM -0600 or thereabouts, Ron Johnson wrote:

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On 02/23/07 04:18, Stephen wrote:

On Thu, Feb 22, 2007 at 01:26:33PM -0800 or thereabouts, Paul Johnson wrote:

So...the question BEGS. Why exactly do you have an e-mail address of
"baloo" at something?

@ursine.ca (ursine being latin for bear).  I'm a furry.

What I'm curious about is why use a dot ca domain when you aren't even
in Canada?

Because he wants to move to Canada.

Well he's too opinionated and extremist for us. ;)

Huh. AFAIK, Canada was founded by residents of the USA who
hated it enough to leave in the first place. (Not the  Quebecers
though.) Royalists, IOW, many of whom received free land from
Britain as a reward for being loyal/Royalists. Families were
split over this, similar to what happened during the so-called
Civil War.

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