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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Michael Pobega wrote:

> You're ruling out one of the main candidates in the 2008 election;
> Rudolph Gullianni. As far as I know he has had nothing to do with any
> wars.

Rudy doesn't have a leg to stand on.  His popularity increases the farther
away from New York City you get.  This idiot picked the location of the
emergency command center for his city in Tower 2, despite warnings that it
was a stupid place to locate an emergency command because of it's
likelyhood as a target.  

> And if you remember anything about 9/11 he was the most supportive
> government official, he aided 80% of the families affected by 9/11.

His policing policies are more Soviet Russia than United States of America. 
Not sure that really makes up for the fact that if you're poor or homeless
in New York City under Gullianni or Bloomberg, you don't get help, you

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