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Re: Opening ports in Shorewall in order to run an America's Army server

Liam wrote:
> Are you sure that the server is listening on the ports you think it's
> listening on? Whats is the output of the command 'netstat -uta'?
> And if it is, are there any application-level restrictions? It might
> only be accepting connections from certain source IP addresses.

I've run the AA server and afterwards grepped the output of the command
you've suggested. Here are the interesting ports:

udp        0      0 *:1716                  *:*

udp     1648      0 [isp url address]:1717 *:*

udp        0      0 *:14200                 *:*

Maybe instead of my URL address provided by my ISP there should be an
IP? By the way here's the output of the server:

/opt/armyops/System $ ./server-bin global Bridge.aao -nohomedir

Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
Encryption key located and validated.
Cheat protection disabled
No localization: Engine.Progress.LoadingMap (int)
Missing Class Class Editor.TransBuffer
Collecting garbage
Purging garbage
Garbage: objects: 40021->40017; refs: 505608
URL Option string:
URL option: Name=Recruit
URL option: Class=AGP_Characters.AGP_Character
URL option: ;Character=Recruit
URL option: team=255
Still no game class, now trying ini:Engine.Engine.DefaultServerGame
Game class is 'AGP_GameTeamObjective'
Bringing Level Bridge.myLevel up for play (25) appSeconds: 45.240676...
GameInfo::InitGame : bEnableStatLogging True
Error creating log file!
Resolving simplembs.armygame.com...
SCIQR: Spawning...
SCIQR: IP [ip address] port 1716
Resolving master0.supercomputerinc.com...
IMPORTANT: Global server forcing authorization requirement.
IMPORTANT: Global server forcing authorization requirement.
GameSpyQR - IP: [ip address] port:1716 lan: 0 nat: 0
GameSpy - IP: [ip address] port: 1716 Public: 1 NAT: 0

And nothing more.

Best regards,
Jan Stępień

Mail 	jan at stepien com pl
Jabber 	jano at jabber aster pl
GG 	1894343
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