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Re: Opening ports in Shorewall in order to run an America's Army server

On 10 Lut, 14:30, Douglas Allan Tutty <dtu...@porchlight.ca> wrote:
> Could it be that you've opened the ports to allow connection attempts
> from the net to your box but not from your box to the net?  You are
> telneting _out_ so you would need to open from fw to net as well.

It doesn't help. Take a look at my /etc/shorewall/policy.

#SOURCE         DEST            POLICY          LOG LEVEL
fw              net             ACCEPT
net             all             DROP            info
all             all             REJECT          info

Outgoing packets - in contrast to incoming ones - are not stopped by the
firewall. By the way, commenting the last line out also didn't help.

Jan Stępień

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