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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian (was Re: Introduction)

Am 2007-02-14 10:44:48, schrieb Roberto C. Sanchez:
> That depends on how you define usable.  Word might handle a 25 page
> document.  The experience of many of my friends has been that big
> documents (25 pages is not big) are a real pain Word.  One friend of
> mine did his thesis (350-400 pages) in Word.  Once he got past 100 or
> 150 pages, he was constantly fighting with it.  The TOC would get messed
> up, it would screw up formatting and sectioning and lots of other
> issues.

Weird, it seems, your friend does not know HOW to use Word!

I have written documentations of several 100 pages since Winword 6.0
under Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and never had problems including
TOCs, indexes and footnotes and other references...

It seems, they are not realy much peoples WHO KNOW, HOW TO USE WORD.

Now I use OOo 2 or LaTeX (only basicly) but the later is a Killer for

> Now that I am doing work at a place where Word is the only option for
> word processing, I realize just how much I hate working with it.  Even
> things that should be trivial are ridiculously complicated.  It asks me
> things that it should not need to ask me.  It doesn't ask me things that
> it should.  If I copy or cut for the second time in a document, it
> completely changes the layout of the screen!  The dynamic menus are a

Cuted out the NEWLINE at the end?
This where Word store its Informations about the previously paragraph.


> royal pain since I *always* have to click on the stupid little icon at
> the bottom of each menu to get to see all the options.


> See, even with IT people to keep the Windows machine working, it is
> still a stress on me, since Windows violates so many principles of
> usability, user interfaces and how things should work, it just makes me
> sick.  I mean, people often complain about the lack of uniformity in GUI
> programs targetted at Linux.  Windows is just as bad, but people choose
> to overlook it for some reason or another.  Then there is the fact that
> Windows does not include any of the following in a base install:
>  * a decent shell
>  * ssh/sftp client
>  * a decent scripting language

Do Klicki-Bunti-User need such CRAP noone understand?  :-)

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