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Re: Dosemu

On 2007-02-20, Ken Heard <ken@heard.name> wrote:

[ snip ]

Below is  the dosemu I'm using. If you want to use WP 5.1, don't miss 
this page:



An easy way to get DOSEMU working on your machine is to use
the ready-to-use DOSEMU binary distribution. This one comes in 2 
from www.dosemu.org:

  - dosemu-freedos-<version>-bin.tgz

      A tarball containing a collection of suitable FreeDos binaries,
      eventually patched to fit DOSEMU needs, together with some GNU
      tools you may find useful.

  - dosemu-<version>-bin.tgz

      A tarball containing the recent DOSEMU binaries together with a
      user local configuration setup.

This installation fits into any user HOME directory and can be used
and installed without root permissions.
You have to unpack _both_ tarballs (as a normal user, NOT as root) into
the same directory (regardless what ever) within your HOME, such as:

Hugh Lawson

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