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Re: Dosemu

I hope this message reaches you; your own email address (ken@heard.name) is bogus, and I myself do not subscribe to the list.

Ken Heard wrote:

> I was using version dosemu-1.3.3.tgz. After configuration I ran > it, first as my user. The following was returned:

>  "You do not have the DOSEMU vga font installed and are running
>   remote X. You need to install the vga font on your _local_
>   Xserver.
> Look at the readme for details. For now we start with an fixed > font, which does not display all national characters
>   correctly.   ... be warned

This message is harmless, AFAIK it does not mean anything.

> ERROR: X support not compiled in or not found: [..]

Now we are getting somewhere. It seems that you do not have some development libraries installed (necessary for compiling dosemu from source).

Please do

apt-get install xorg-dev
apt-get install libslang2-dev

and try to compile again. If there are any other errors, please tell about it on the list (in other words, don't say "it does not work", but tell what the error messages are). You sent a personal email to me twice; this is of course OK, but please, use a valid return address next time if you want an answer.

Regards, Jan

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