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Re: Dosemu

Ron Johnson wrote:


What happens when you install the Debian packages dosemu,
dosemu-freedos & xfonts-dosemu?

Nothing, because these three packages are not in the Debian Etch/testing package repository, but are in Sarge/stable. Even so, in my Sarge box I did not use them because I found the dosemu package in Sarge unusable.

So, following Jan Stumpel's "Dosemu for Dummies", (http://www.jw-stumpel.nl/dosemu.html) in my Sarge desktop I configured dosemu-1.3.3.tgz to use instead. Instead of freedos I used a "legal" version of dos 6.22 I already had. I did not use xfonts-dosemu at all.

I used this setup to run WordPerfect shell 4, with WordPerfect 5.1 and several other dos programs running inside it. It did all I wanted it to do, even printing better than CUPS could do from other applications.

When earlier this month I installed Etch in another box, naturally I wanted to run those same WP and other applications. This time I configured dosemu-1.3.4.tgz to use instead to configure the later version. I was able to get dosemu to start, with some messages which did not inspire confidence that I had a flawless installation. However, I did not have time to to see if this installation could do what I wanted it to do.

Since I was and am time-stressed to get my laptop up and running I decided simply to transfer to it the files and configurations already working on the Sarge desktop. It was this transferred installation which gave me the results already posted. My mistake was thinking that I could transfer without change the same application from the Sarge desktop to the Etch laptop.

In any event, I will not have time before next week either to see if I can get a newly configured version of dosemu, presumably 1.3.4, to work on the Etch laptop, or whether I can use dosbox instead. I will keep the list posted on progress, but not before next week.


			Ken Heard

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