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Re: Dosemu

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 02/18/07 21:43, Ken Heard wrote:
Is there anyone on this list who uses dosemu?  I had it working on Sarge
ever since Sarge came out, but I am having trouble getting it to work on

This is an example of a Bad Question.

All we know is "dosemu" and "Sarge".  No error messages or what
you've done to solve it yourself or research it.

Mr. Johnson,

My original question was to find out whether there is anybody on the list who still uses dosemu. I did so because if it turned out that there were people with any current experience, besides me, with such an old application, then I would be more specific. The last sentence was merely a summary of my experience to indicate the nature of any specific enquiries if I were to make them.

			Ken Heard

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