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Re: are diffs available for .orig.tar.gz files

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe writes:
> Me not sure I understand: I know Debian's got diffs, but those diffs are
> only Debian-specific. So for each source package you got orig, diff, and
> dsc, and nothing else.


> What I'm looking for is the 4th file which also got the diff between orig
> files (upstream diffs).

You won't get that from Debian.

> I want to avoid this step and am looking for an easier way, since, as you
> mention, the upstream diff file may not exist from upstream.

You aren't likely to get it from anywhere but upstream.

> Another Question is if Debian orig files are ever modified or if they
> truly are pure upstream. I'm thinking of the kernel issue where non-free
> stuff is removed, for example.

The origs are pristine when possible.  Sometimes they are modified.
John Hasler

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