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Re: Old Computer Parts

Joe Hart wrote:
> I even sometimes use links to browse the web.  grml is one of my
> favorite distros because of the 'text tools' approach.  If I could
> somehow merge a few different distros into my own, well that would be
> the ultimate, but I have a few years to go before I can take something
> like that on.
A sensible middle ground is to keep debian on your produciton machines
and run grml (or whatever distro catches your fancy) on your
"toolbox"-machines. Then, as you go along and learn the toolsets of grml
(or whatever), you will almost always be able to find a package for
debian with that tool. In essence you can tweak your package-selection
in debian in any direction, be it grml-ish, SuSE-ish or whatever.

This is where I think the debian package system really shines, debian
will adapt to your way of working. You just need to know the names of
the apps/tools you need to get there.
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