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Re: Installing TeX/LaTeX in Sarge

On Sat, Feb 17, 2007 at 10:57:36AM -0600, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> If you install the Debian TeXLive package, you should find that LaTeX
> works as it formerly did in TeTeX.  I am running TeTeX under Etch on
> one i386 machine, and TeXLive under Etch on another i386 machine, and
> I have not seen any difference in behaviour or performance.
> If it happens that TeXLive is not available for Sarge, then install
> TeTeX.  But when you upgrade to Etch, you need to install TeXLive.

I thought texlive was going to be the default for Lenny.
Etch has tetex 3.0, and there is(?) a repository for Sarge (well there
was cause I used it.) Have a hunt via google and tetex-maint mailing

Don't forget to check that your /etc/apt/sources.lst entries point to 
etch and not testing, otherwise you may end up with a broken system once
etch goes stable.

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