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Re: Woody on 486 problem

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Chris Bannister wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 07:50:21PM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
>> I was just *waiting* for someone to open the door and let us
>> greybeards play "remember when"!!!
>> Remember when Win95 ran well with 16MB RAM?  (Shame on you!!)
>> Remember when OS/2 ran *great* with 16MB RAM?
>> Remember when Doom ran great on Linux and fvwm, with 16MB RAM and
>> et4000/W32p video card?
> And I suppose when Vista has been out for a while (people wont have any
> choice when they buy a new machine, unless they buy one without an OS)
> 256M or even 512M will be considered old and we'll see questions like
> "Will KDE run in 512M?"

Interesting that you mention that.  Here, it's already almost impossible
to buy a machine that doesn't come with Vista.  You have to either build
one yourself, or ask the small Mom & Pop computer stores to build one
for you and not to install an OS.

I tried the last time I bought a computer through a normal retail outlet
to get it without Windows XP, but they refused to refund the price of
XP, even after I showed them the license.

One thing you can count on though is that if you have a machine the
meets the specs to run Vista, it will do very well indeed running Debian
(or any other flavor of GNU/Linux).  The only problem one needs to look
out for is certain hardware.

Still, I have a old Celeron 600mhz with 16MB acting as a server running
Sarge.  It works fine.  The computer was heading to the dump and I
thought I could rescue it and put it to some use.  It does not have a
GUI, and doesn't need one.

If Sarge will run on that, I'm sure it will run a 486.  I don't know why
someone would want to install Woody since it's about to be moved to the
archives.  I can understand if someone was still running it, and was
afraid of upgrading.

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