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Re: professional data recovery services for ex3 filesystem

Greg Folkert wrote:

> Also, Kamaraju, I believe I sent an e-mail to your gmail account. An
> update to your howto.

For those who do not know, Greg is talking about

I used to think, there is no way that page could further be improved. But
you just proved me wrong. I like the way you have changed the whole layout
(using CSS etc.,). Your version just looks awesome. Most of the content
changes are also nice and will be incorporated. I will probably bug you
over the weekend regarding this.

I usually write my html pages by iceape composer. I have no knowledge of
CSS. Even my html skills are very rudimentary. I need to learn a bit of CSS
so that I will be able to edit the document in the future. That is why I am
postponing it to the weekend.

Thanks again for taking the time and modifying the document. I will try to
put a changelog and include your name in that.


Kamaraju Kusumanchi

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