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debian astrolog package tips

An astrolog.dat file should have been included with the debian astrolog package and wasn't. It could have been put in /usr/share/astrolog. The ephemeris files located in ephemall.zip could have joined that astrolog.dat file in /usr/share/astrolog as well but didn't. No matter I got my astrolog.dat out of the dos version of the package and downloaded the ephemall.zip file and set things up on my system. After having dug through the documentation I realized the package didn't set the ASTR variable so it pointed at /usr/share/astrolog so an export statement later in .bash_profile later I had the ephemeris files working using Debian. export ASTR="/usr/share/astrolog" and now I'll probably move some things from /usr/share/doc/astrolog into /usr/share/astrolog since those aren't documentation files like fixplaces.ast. The ftp address in that is no longer valid so it's more research to find a new one that will work for it later today after I've gone to shopping and had breakfast. I have my astrolog.dat file in my home directory for now though since that worked earlier.

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