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Re: Kernel panic on PCI video card with 2.6.x on Dell Dimension 2300

Tarek Soliman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to install debian with a 2.6 kernel on a Dell 2300
> The kernel panics after saying "pci" in a detection phase (I'm guessing
> discover)
> Does this panic get saved to a log?
> This first happened after the first boot on a net install.
> It is a machine that has a PCI-only motherboard with onboard video and
> sound
> I put an nvidia geforce4 PCI in it so I can get TV out as part of making
> a
> mythTV frontend.
> It won't even completely boot in knoppix and hangs during startup
> When I take out the PCI card it works fine and boots fine and even
> installs
> fine.
> When I try the netinstall with the default 2.4 kernel it works fine
> also.
> Switching to the combination of 2.6.8 (I even tried 2.6.18 from
> testing/etch)
> and the PCI card, it panics during boot every time.

Try disabling the on-board graphics for the install.  If that doesn't work, complete the install
using only the on-board graphics, and then add the PCI card and tweak after the
install has completed.

Those are my pitiful suggestions :-)

> Any help is appreciated
> Thanks
> Tarek

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