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Re: What UPS to buy

* Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> [070204 17:34]:
> Russell L. Harris wrote:
> >I currently am well pleased with Powerware units, which are used in
> >the broadcast industry.  Powerware advertises advanced battery
> >management circuitry which is said to increase battery life by a
> >substantial factor.  Also, even the lower-cost Powerware units provide
> >a nearly-sinusoidal waveform, rather than a stepped wave.  (The more
> >expensive Powerware units provide a pure sinusoid.)  Powerware may be
> >purchased in the US through BSW (www.bswusa.com).
> >
> >Another respectable UPS manufacturer is Tripp-Lite. 
> >
> But how is their Linux support?
> I would buy Tripp-Lite because it is readily available here in Mexico, 
> but, again, how is the Linux support?

Regarding Linux support, I haven't any idea.  When I come in, I power
up the UPS and switch on the machine, and when I leave I switch off
the machine and power down the UPS.  For me, automatic shutdown is
secondary to fire safety and reliability; your priorities may differ
from mine.

If more users demanded reliability -- rather than being swayed
by slick advertising -- perhaps Linux developers would support
Powerware and Tripp-Lite as aggressively as they support APC.


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