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Re: What UPS to buy

* J.A. de Vries <hdv@jadev.org> [070204 06:28]:
> After some Googling I am thinking of buying either an APC Smart-UPS 750
> or a MGE Evolution 850. As far as I know APC is the "big brand" and it
> certainly is the one that is the easiest to get around here. Their
> Powerchute software seems to support Linux as well. 

I've had two or three APC UPS units burn up, in the sense of emitting
smoke; that is a bit scary.  Cleaning house a week ago, I came across
six or seven APC units of various models which have failed within the
past five years; these all went into the dumpster.  I now refuse to
purchase APC; APC appears to spend more on advertising than on

I currently am well pleased with Powerware units, which are used in
the broadcast industry.  Powerware advertises advanced battery
management circuitry which is said to increase battery life by a
substantial factor.  Also, even the lower-cost Powerware units provide
a nearly-sinusoidal waveform, rather than a stepped wave.  (The more
expensive Powerware units provide a pure sinusoid.)  Powerware may be
purchased in the US through BSW (www.bswusa.com).

Another respectable UPS manufacturer is Tripp-Lite. 


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