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What UPS to buy: a MGE Evolution 850 or an APC Smart-UPS 750?


Due to power outages at my home I want to buy an UPS for my SOHO server.
For my needs something between 700 and 1000VA should be enough. I'd like
to have auto shutdown and powerup and some monitoring facilities too.

After some Googling I am thinking of buying either an APC Smart-UPS 750
or a MGE Evolution 850. As far as I know APC is the "big brand" and it
certainly is the one that is the easiest to get around here. Their
Powerchute software seems to support Linux as well. 

However, when reading the NUT website I noticed MGE is supporting them
really well. And because I'd like to "vote" with my money I have thought
of going for their product. Before I do so, I'd appreciate if any of you
could share experiences. I'm not really an expert on this topic as this
will be the first UPS I own, so any advice would be appreciated.



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