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SoundBlaster AWE64 ISAPNP on etch

Cannot get sound up and running on etch.

I know there are a million+ posts on the new regarding sound on linux. I have tried to do my homework by searching the debian list archives, googling, and I have also read the following HOWTO's:
linux sound HOWTO

I've learned a lot, but am having trouble piecing together what I've learned and applying it to this particular distro, and I need a bit of direction.

Here's my situation:
AWE64 ISAPNP card (works fine on Windows)

Just installed etch. The card is 'detected' on boot, but not 'configured'. I really do not know what sound support is automatically installed on debian. I figure I need to load the appropriate driver modules, but I am not exactly sure which drivers/modules to load.

I have tried each of the following:
# modprobe sb
# modprobe snd-sbawe

Either one seems to configure my card:

/dev/dsp appears


'dmesg' results indicate that the card is found and assigned IRQ, DMA and ioport address

But when I try to play any sort of sound (audio CD, raw PCM file, etc.) I just get static from the speakers.

I have also tried:
# modprobe sound
# modprobe sound-core
but cannot determine what effect, if any, these have.

any advice?

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