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Re: Laptop Recommendations?

Stefan Monnier wrote:
As for Thinkpads, I am so used to Hyper keys on the keyboard (aka
Windows-key :)) that I found these notebooks very uncomfortable.

AFAICT (I'm about to receive mine), the Thinkpad keyboards do have "windows
keys" now.  And they're among the rare laptops with 3 buttons, which is
*very* convenient if you're a heavy Emacs user.

Actually, I'm surprised at how most "linux-laptop" vendors offer mostly
laptops with 2 buttons only, given that X11 has traditionally been used
with 3-button mice, and so many applications make use of all 3.
I much prefer the button eraser type mouse on Thinkpads to the touchpads that everyone else uses.

Marc Shapiro

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