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Re: Getting started with Postgres or MySQL

1. The one who should learn something is you, and not me. So, I would suggest you to learn something basic about database concepts and I don't care if you ever come back or not! 2. You do not have to involve yourself in any single topic you see in the forum, specially if you are not asked to do so! 3. If you have used credit card in stone ages (the days that it was verified by just writing down on papers) it is not my fault! According to the example you said, if you are dealing with a bank or PayPal, there is only one center (or web site) that inserts data into database not anyone from anywhere! There are something called "users" and "privileges". Search on google to find out more about them. 4. Yes, the code which interacts with database is responsible to be sure that the data which is going to be inserted to the database is valid. The database's job to check if the data is "logically" valid. For example not to allow a character to be written in an integer field. There are libraries in each programming language to do so. As I said, MySQL also supports such things and have its own library of functions which are very powerful, but it is optional and up to the user to use them. Without it, it would be just overhead to database. 5. Again back to your example, yes, the PayPal web site offers you to choose the data by using a combo box and not inserting it manually. So the date which is sent to the database is definitely correct before inserting. Many banks and economic organizations use MySQL as their database. I think they do care about the date of their transactions too, don't ya?


Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 05:53:52AM +0100, Danesh Daroui wrote:
What a useless and boring discussion you have started Ron!! Do you have
to just be against everyone who thinks MySQL has at least some good
features too? I just dropped the discussion when realized that it goes
nowhere, but if you like to continue, learn a little about DBs. Maybe
you will learn more about what a DB should do and what is not necessary
like date verification which is only an overhead to DB and it is
developers job to check it before inserting it in DB, if you take a DB
course (4 credits would be enough). Believe me, you rally need it.

Ever use a credit card?  I'll bet that somewhere along the way that
transaction gets store into a database.  Now, who do you want to be
responsible for making sure that your transaction is valid?  The
developer?  Ha!  I would say that it absolutely positively must be the
data store.  It does you no good to say "it is the developer's
responsibility" when you have hundreds, or thousands of developers
accessing your database.  What if PayPal or any credit card processing
company put into their SDK for people developing against their systems:
"It is your responsibility to make sure the data is valid.  The database
will *not* check this for you and if something goes wrong, it is your
fault."  Hint: nobody would have *any* faith in their systems.  Your
view is so strongly skewed toward a single-user mindset that it is no
wonder you think it is OK to make the developer responsible.  Please go
learn something about real databases and then come back.



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