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Re: Getting started with Postgres or MySQL

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On 02/01/07 20:10, Angelo Bertolli wrote:
> Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 01:16:18PM -0500, Angelo Bertolli wrote:
>>> (2) MySQL is a shorter learning curve for new users
>> What?  In what way?  Learning to develop against MySQL is no harder or
>> easier than learning to develop against PostgreSQL (besides the fact the
>> people need to be broken of the stupid misconceptions engendered by the
>> pervasveness of MySQL).  The two are just different.
> Mostly in letting people do rapid development without requiring a lot of
> forethought in database design.  I know, I know, my argument is a lot

That splatting noise is my hurl splatting onto the opposite wall.

Remind me never to hire you.

> weaker these days with improvements made to Postgres.  Legacy counts too
> in this case because when there is a big MySQL userbase out there that
> means more support.  But, as you said before, that's not a technical merit.

Are you sure you don't work for Microsoft?  Or maybe you're an MCSE?

> It doesn't.  Your point (and Ron's) about teaching people bad design
> techniques and bad habits is well-taken.  MySQL does not enforce good
> habits.  And if you have good habits or know how to design a database
> well, then using those techniques actually makes your life easier.
> But you're coming from an angle where people know or must learn all of
> that just before they're able to even start.  Don't you see how not
> having to learn that is faster for some people?

It's confirmed.  You *are* an MCSE.

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