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Re: Fonts problem on Debian Etch

On Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 09:55:08PM -0500, David Shultz wrote:
> First of all a little bit of development. I changed the vertical
> refresh rate(on Gnome) from 50 to 57 Hz. And what you know now
> it is a lot better but not 100%. Now i'm using 1680x1050
> resolution but LG's recommended resolution is 60 Hz. Is it
> possible to change vertical refresh rate to 60Hz system wide?
> >When you configured Xorg did you tell it to do sub-pixel
> >rendering on your LCD screen?  I've never used an LCD so
> >don't know what this looks like).
> actually i don't know how i answered that(sorry i'm a newbie)
> >What is the native resolution of the screen itself and what
> >is the resolution you're trying to use in Xorg?
> My monitor's native resolution is 1680x1050 and i'm using that.

I'd get a headache too if I was at 57 Hz.  I'm at 1600x1200 @ 85 Hz.

Perhaps someone who uses an LCD can comment on how to tell if sub-pixel
rendering is active.

I don't run gnome so didn't know you could change the refresh rate from
that.  With my 21" CRT, I told dpkg-reconfigure to use 1600x1200 and
gave the monitor parameters from Intergraph's website.

The other piece of the puzzle is what graphics hardware do you have and
what driver are you using?  I have nVidia hardware and static image
quality is the same between the free nv driver and the non-free nVidia
driver (but nVidia driver gives hardware decoding for watching movies).
The vesa driver gives much worse performance.

If you don't know for sure which driver you need, ensure that you have
the xserver-xorg-video-all package installed.

You probably also want the other recommends of xserver-xorg:
	discover and xresprobe

Good luck.


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